1. Popularization and Education

One of SOSA’s main long-term goals is to popularize space activities in Slovakia. Space exploration in Slovakia is mistakenly perceived as “too expensive entertainment” that only the richest states of the world can afford. People often do not know what sense it makes to fly into space or how could Slovakia engage in space research. Therefore, we advocate space activities at various events, conferences, or in Slovak media, as a source of scientific and economic development with practical implications for the quality of life – be that technical innovations (e.g., satellite navigation, telecommunication, meteorology, etc.) or transfer of technology to other sectors of human activity (e.g., medicine, agriculture, etc.).

In SOSA we bring experienced motivators and popularizers of space themes together. If you are interested in our popularization activities, we will happily present at your event. We have experience in preparing activities for even the smallest astronauts ?

You can also visit our Facebook pages: SOSA, skCUBE – the first Slovak satellite, kozmonautika.sk

2. Comprehensive System Development

2.1 Design, development and manufacture of electronics and nanosatellite subsystems

The Slovak Organisation for Space Activities (SOSA) offers comprehensive services in the field of systems development, including the design of mechanics, electronics, sensors and firmware. Our team gained experience during the development of the first Slovak skCUBE satellite.

2.2 Ground radio station network services

We offer free capacity on an automatic terrestrial radio station. The stations in Bratislava and Košice are equipped with an antenna system with a rotator, allowing signal reception from nanosatellites and broadcasting. The stations work in bands 2 m, 70 cm and 13 cm.

The functionality and reliability of the radio station is verified by the continuous successful reception of the signal from the skCUBE satellite.

3. Technology

3.1 Pressure Chamber

We offer testing of devices in a vacuum chamber. Used in particular for testing of aerospace devices, equipment and experiments intended for the stratosphere, and pre-testing of spacecraft. The chamber includes a plate with thermostat. The chamber is equipped with transducers; access to power is directly in the chamber. To accurately measure the pressure we have a VPR1 vacuum chamber as well as a digital pressure gauge directly in the chamber.

Chamber parameters:
Dimensions: 50 x 30 x 30 cm (no heating plate), 40 x 25 x 20 cm (incl. heating plate)

3.2 Helmholtz coil system

The Helmholtz coil system allows approximately 30x30x30 cm to create a nearly homogeneous magnetic field with a 70 μT modulus with any orientation of the vector. Thanks to the control software, it is possible to change the magnetic field parameters over time – change of intensity and orientation of the vector.

• The device allows to compensate the Earth’s magnetic field vector to create a space with nearly zero magnetic field strength.

• The device is suitable for testing magnetic field sensors.

• Algorithms of active stabilization of nanosatellites can be tested using an air bearing.

3.3 3D CNC milling machine

Our own 3D CNC milling maching accelerates the cycle of development and testing of prototype mechanical parts.

3.4 GPS simulator

The GPS simulator is a device capable of synthesizing signals from a GPS satellite system. You can set any 3D position to test your GPS receivers.

3.5 Centrifuge – Linear overload up to 20G

The centrifuge serves to test the resilience of satellite subsystems, nanosatellites, etc., to linearly overload up to 20 G. The centrifuge capacity is up to 2 kg.

3.6 Laboratory for Electronics Development

We use our own laboratory with all required instrumentation and tooling to develop prototypes.

4. Project Consulting

One of the successes of the Slovak Organisation for Space Activities (SOSA) is the assistance in integrating Slovakia into the European Space Agency (ESA). In 2015, Slovakia joined ESA as a so-called European cooperating state. Thanks to this, ESA annually put out calls for project submissions for Slovak firms and scientific research entities. SOSA has experience with such projects, and in the past, thanks to a grant from the Ministry of Education, has helped with the administrative and technical security of these challenges. We offer this experience to Slovak companies interested in similar projects in the future.

At the same time, SOSA brings together experts on topics such as satellite navigation or remote Earth observation. Therefore, it actively promotes, assists and provides background for ESNC (European Space Navigation Competition) and Copernicus Masters competitions.

Last but not least, SOSA provides information to companies and R & D actors also in the space-related challenges of Horizon 2020.

If you are interested in participating in project or space technology competitions, please contact us at info@sosa.sk or by phone: +421 944 491 119.

5. Information Portal

At kozmonautika.sk we are preparing fresh news from the field of space technologies, astronomy and astronomy for you. All space-related challenges for students, science and research, as well as businesses can be found in one place.
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