The project is focused primarily on the education of young people in the field of programming, design, practical physics, aerodynamics and electrical engineering.

In the first phase, participants will learn to design mechanical parts using Fusion360 and FreeCAD. They will also gain knowledge about the design of printed circuit boards, which includes the design and wiring diagrams of components and then the design of the printed circuit board itself in the KICAD program.

In the second phase, they will be trained in rocket flights, aerodynamics and the flight itself. With regard to the acquired knowledge, they will design and print their own rockets, place the built sensors in them and launch them with the help of water and air pressure.

In the last phase of the project, we will evaluate the obtained data with them and help them with their processing and interpretation. Involved pupils and students will gain skills in designing electronic devices and 3D models using available open source software. They will learn to work independently on assigned tasks and with the obtained data.

It’s an amazing way to bring young people interested in technology and space in an interesting and fun way – not through lessons, but through real work on a project, where they turn theory into practice under professional guidance.

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