We are also preparing our own events for important events in the field of space and technology.

Yuri’s Night

Yuri’s night is a worldwide event organized every April 12 in dozens of places around the planet. The main goal is to celebrate the anniversary of man’s first flight into space – an amazing milestone in human history, while increasing public interest in space exploration and inspiration for new generations of space pioneers and adventurers.
Since Slovakia did not participate in the network of these events, we decided to organize the first Yuri’s Night Slovakia in the Bratislava Progressbar and we continue this tradition every year!



We are preparing a SPACE FEST for everyone who is interested in space and technology, science fiction and for children with the big dream of becoming an astronaut.

The penultimate weekend of June in 2018, skCUBE celebrated its first birthday in space, and on this occasion we prepared the weekend event SPACE FEST 2018. Among the performers was, for example, Michal Fulier. A discussion entitled “Slovak cosmonauts” with a Slovak pilot who was just a step away from becoming the first Slovak cosmonaut – Colonel Ing. Michal Fulier (Ivan Bella’s deputy), moderated by Michal Novota from .týždeň.

Our civic association celebrated its 10th birthday in October 2019. On this occasion, we organized another SPACE FEST 2019. The space for the event was provided by the Progressbar and several SOSA members spoke within the program. Csaba Boros spoke about the status of the ARDEA project, Karin Brunnemann presented a simulated mission to Mars, which he will take part in this year. The chairman of SOSA and the founding member Jakub Kapuš summarized the past, present and future of our association. Of course, you couldn’t miss the amazing space cake!


50 výročie misie APOLLO 11

On July 20, 2019, about 60 people met at the Progressbar, who came with us to celebrate 50 years since the first small step for man, but a huge leap for humanity. SOSA Chairman Jakub Kapuš was the first to address the visitors, followed by the official program Norbert Werner with a lecture on NASA missions that preceded Apollo 11. Michal Zajaček continued about the experiments that were part of the mission and then moved to the Lumiere cinema to screen an amazing documentary APOLLO 11. It was followed by a short discussion.