Can you live on Mars? If you have an idea how to survive on the red planet, prepare a project for a simulated Martian mission.

The prestigious Mission Mars competition is being held for the third year. It is intended for high school students who are interested in science and technology and have ambitions to use their knowledge beyond the borders of the Earth. Prepare the project, register it and present it in a short video. If the expert jury chooses yours, you can look forward to astronomical awards!

When creating a project, you can be inspired by experiments from previous years of the competition, during which students used the biological waste of researchers to create recycled water for hydroponic (no soil in solution) plant cultivation at the station, or to find out how different gravity and sunlight affect fertility a potato spoon on Mars. The winning experiment of Mission Mars 2, which focused on the use of human hair and hair as fertilizer for growing plants during space missions, received worldwide acclaim and success.

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* The competition is organized by Slovenské elektrárne in cooperation with the Slovak Organization for Space Activities (SOSA), the Association for Youth, Science and Technology (AMAVET), the Center for Scientific and Technical Information of the Slovak Republic (CVTI) and Quark magazine.