We consider it very important to increase the interest of children, young people, but also the public, in space and space technology. Therefore, we go to lectures at primary, secondary, but also universities, public events and other events.

We offer simple contributions and activities for the youngest children from pre-school age, but also interesting courses and opportunities for young people who want to engage in space research, technology and innovation.

Space research in Slovakia is often mistaken for “too expensive entertainment” that only the richest countries in the world can afford. People often do not know what the meaning of flying into space is, or how Slovakia could get involved in space research. Therefore, at various events, conferences or directly in the Slovak media, we defend space activities as a source of scientific and economic development, which has practical implications for quality of life – whether in the form of technical innovations (eg satellite navigation, telecommunications, meteorology, etc.) or technology transfer to other sectors of human activity (eg medicine, agriculture, etc.)

At SOSA, we bring together experienced motivators and popularizers of space themes. If you are interested in our popularization activities, we will be happy to lecture at your event.

We have experience in preparing activities for even the youngest astronauts ?


If you are interested in a lecture, contact us at info@sosa.sk