Growbox is a device that uses a hydroponic system to grow non-flowering crops, such as various types of salads.

The device consists of three sections. Two smaller controllers that contain electronics, pumps and hoses for the hydroponic system. The larger part is already a separate growbox, where the plants are planted in a tubular system in which the nutrient solution flows. The seeds are pre-grown in an incubator, which creates seedlings, which are further taken care of by the growbox itself.

Currently, the growbox has its second version, which was created almost immediately after the first planting in the first growbox. The second version is transparent and more accessible, but it also had its imperfections. It was the seepage of water from the growing part into the electronic part. The problem was solved by better sealing and the use of plastic spacers on which the electronics blocks were attached.

The main event for the growbox project was the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 in 2019 – on this occasion, the growbox became functional and was exhibited in the center of Bratislava for a while.