Slovak Organisation for Space Activities is based on two main pillars. The first are members who participate in projects, events, bring new ideas and constantly move our association forward.

The second pillar, without which we would not be able to function fully, are our partners and supporters! They provide us with space, finance, supervision and assistance. They participate in SOSA projects and stand by us on a challenging journey, where we try to get Slovakia to ESA.

We really appreciate this support and THANK YOU for it!



The Slovak University of Technology has long been one of the best universities in Slovakia, and its interest in attractive technological projects only confirms this status. On the premises of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, they provided us with the background and space where the “base” of our organization is located.


Faculty of Aviation TUKE

During its existence, a huge number of top pilots, as well as other experts in the field of aviation and cosmonautics, passed through the gates of this school. Cosmonauts Vladimír Remek and Ivan Bella also completed their studies here.

The Faculty of Aviation has been cooperating with us for a long time, whether it was the orientation system of the first Slovak satellite skCUBE or the current GRBAlpha satellite project.


Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Faculty of Agriculture, Mendel University in Brno

During this year, we collaborated with the staff of the Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry AF MENDELU in a joint cross-border project “Together between Earth and Space”, where we organized several workshops, lectures and a stratospheric flight with a number of interesting scientific experiments.


Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava

It is one of the largest and oldest Slovak institutions providing higher education with an artistic focus. We worked with them as consultants on the Moon Village project, where students designed homes suitable for staying on the moon. We plan to continue our cooperation.



Observatory and Planetarium Brno

The Brno Observatory has been operating since 1954. Well-known astronomers, such as Luboš Kohoutek, Jiří Grygar and Luboš Perek, are connected with the beginnings of the operation. We are organizing the PicoBaloon Challenge with the observatory, the final of which will take place on their soil.


Observatory and Planetarium M. R. Štefánika Hlohovec

The equipment of the observatory and planetarium is used mainly for enlightenment and educational activities, popularization of astronomy and scientific activities. Due to its proximity to Bratislava, we plan to launch stratospheric balloons from here.


Observatory Valašské Meziříčí

One of the most active observatories in the Czech Republic, with its establishment, continued the existence of a private Ballner Observatory, built in 1929. It is therefore the oldest observatory in Moravia. This institution has been our main partner in many cross-border projects for several years.


Observatory Partizánske

This is exactly where we started moving Slovakia step by step closer to space on October 24, 2009. Our very first skBALLOON technological project was born in the building of this observatory, and two generations of our JULO stratospheric probes also launched into the near space from there. At present, we have a ground station located at the observatory and we are actively cooperating with its employees in the field of education and popularization of space among the general public.


Foundations and civic associations

Juraj Bárdy Astronomical Club, Plevník – Drieňové

The Juraj Bardy Astronomical Club in Plevník – Drienovo is a civic association founded in 1999. It focuses on popularization and education in the field of astronomy in the Považská Bystrica region and the surrounding area. One of the biggest events organized by this club is the astronomical expedition Perzeida in the village Vrchteplá, which has been taking place for 35 years!


Czech Space Office

This institution offers interested parties its expert and consulting services related to space activities in the Czech Republic. Their several years of experience with ESA, project solutions and other activities related to the space industry and popularization have been a valuable source of information for us.


Kosmo Klub

The mission of the Kosmo Club is to inform about what is happening in cosmonautics and to stimulate the enthusiasm of those interested in space in the Czech Republic. We have known and cooperated with many members for many years.


Foundation ESET

The goal of the ESET Foundation is to help organizations in Slovakia overcome challenges and reach new goals. Activities include the development of education in the field of information technology, Internet security, popularization of science and research. Thanks to the Employee Grant Program and various calls from the ESET Foundation, we were also able to purchase equipment, organize courses and develop our activities.


PEAK – Astro club

This civic association deals with the development and promotion of astronomy in the town of Púchov and its surroundings. They also participate in the preparation of the astronomical expedition of Perseus in the village of Vrchteplá.


Progressbar Cowork & Hackerspace

It was the first Slovak hacking space to be established in June 2010. Since then, a lot has changed and this space has become open to the general public, either as cowork or a venue for many interesting events. Progressbar has been our great partner in organizing popular space events for several years.


SOLAR – Observatory Senec

The aim of the astronomical association SOLAR Hvezdáreň Senec is to build a methodological and popularization center of astronomy in Senec. Among the many activities that SOLAR deals with are regular astronomical lectures, which we are happy to attend.




The company’s goal is to establish itself on the market with space technologies for safe propulsion systems for sounding rockets and various other vehicles. We have been cooperating with the company for a long time on the ARDEA project.



It has been operating on the technology market since 2012, when we began to deal intensively with the development of neural networks and intelligent containers. Since 2017, they have added custom software solutions, database development and management, and information systems consulting to the artificial intelligence.



CTRL Ltd. was founded in 2010. The goal is to build and deploy electronic products with the latest technologies and methods in the field of so-called cyberphysical systems, including in particular electronics, communication components and a systems approach with a focus on management.


DNB Consult

The company focuses on in vitro tests of raw materials and finished products. At DNB Consult, they are also able to assess and improve ergonomics and ease of use of equipment and tools in demanding environments. We established our cooperation while working on skCUBE and it continues successfully.



The company supports the development of the laboratory of applied magnetometry and sensorics at the TUKE Faculty of Aviation and the work of doctoral students. It also sponsors conferences and seminars on magentometry.



The company provides professional services mainly in the field of public procurement, registration of public sector partners and the establishment of various forms of legal entities. We have been using the company’s services since 2013.


Incoff Aerospace

Incoff Aerospace is a research and development company. It specializes in innovative and intelligent technological solutions, research, development and prototype development.


M2M Solutions

A technology company dedicated to supply chain management simply and efficiently. From July 2019, the entire company became an official member of SOSA and provided us, for example, with its premises for events organized in Žilina.


MSM Group

The company covers subsidiaries in the segment of the defense and civil engineering industries. They deal with ammunition, military wheel and belt technology and radio-navigation electrical engineering. The company is one of the platinum partners of the skCUBE project and thanks to their support we were able to bring this unique project to a successful end.



The company was founded in 2013 and shortly after its establishment participated in the production of the first Slovak satellite skCUBE and its ground station. The Needronix project won the European Space Agency (ESA) call PECS.



RMC provides system solutions in the field of industrial electronics, communication and navigation systems. We have established close cooperation with the company already during the development of skCUBE and we are still developing it.



Spacemanic was founded in 2014 as a spin-off company of our organization. Since then, the company has undergone development and is currently dedicated to providing solutions, platforms, components and services in the field of nanosatellites.