In SOSA, we are open to any kind of collaboration. If you like aerospace, astronomy, space exploration, and space technology – you have reached your destination. You can help us in the following ways:

Become our individual member

Join our activities as a full member. Any help is welcome, the work is more than enough: organizing workshops, addressing companies and schools, writing popularization articles, photography, video processing, graphic work, technical assistance in technological projects, but also the implementation of your own ideas. If you are interested in membership in the organization, please fill in the application form below.


Become our member – company

Join us as a whole company. As part of the cooperation, we will be happy to present you at events or in the media, prepare a lecture and other activities for the company day, lend spacesuits and other props for marketing purposes, or prepare an advantageous offer for a flight on a stratospheric balloon. You can participate in our projects or bring new ideas.
If you want to join, write us an email at and we will be happy to provide you with more information.

Support us non-financially

Do you produce leaflets or other promotional materials? Do you make graphic designs? We will be happy to use your services and introduce you to the partners and supporters of the organization.

Support us financially

Your funds will be used to promote aerospace in Slovakia, education and our technological projects. You can contribute in the form of a sponsorship gift or by transferring 2% of the share of tax paid (companies and employees based in Slovakia).

Contact us for more information!