The Slovak Organization for Space Activities was established in 2009 on the initiative of several young people as a civic association. Following the schemes and experience from abroad, we wanted to create a platform connecting students, researchers, amateurs – people of different ages and education, but with a common passion for the universe.
We have identified a number of goals that we have achieved, thanks to SOSA members.


Partners and supporters

Our goals:

The main objective is the POPULARIZATION of astronomy and space exploration in Slovakia. The universe is like our modern ocean, hiding mysteries and new worlds. It is full of unprecedented opportunities; therefore, we want to attract young people and interest them in the space industry. We want them to find and also use their potential! Therefore, we organize the SPACE FEST for the general public, participate in various events, seminars, workshops, participate in the organization of children’s space camps or appear in the media.

The future belongs to the young generation, and since we believe that the future is hidden in space research, another goal is the EDUCATION of children and youth. Through various projects and competitions, we represent the universe as a source of knowledge, adventure, and inspiration. We want to motivate young people to study mathematics, physics and related disciplines that are indispensable for working in the space industry. During the academic year, we also organize various courses in the field of satellite communication, electrical engineering and others for those interested. The knowledge and experience acquired by these students can be further exploited in practice and during the preparation of their diploma theses.

To see something once is better than to hear it a hundred times. And doing something once yourself is better than watching someone else a hundred times doing it. Therefore, we emphasize the DEVELOPMENT OF OWN TECHNOLOGIES in space research. Whether it is the release of stratospheric balloons, the construction of the first Slovak satellite, the development of our own space simulator, or the construction of the ARDEA suborbital rocket – every experience takes us one step further on our way to the stars.

ESA – the European Space Agency – is simply referred to as “European NASA”. It brings together most European countries in space research and the development of the cutting-edge technologies needed for this research. Slovakia has its incontestable place in this organization, so our organization is dedicated to supporting the SLOVAK COOPERATION with ESA.